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Sensei Nesbitt - 5th Dan!

This COVID-19 lockdown has been a challenge for everyone and caused mayhem throughout the world and it appears that everyone will have to adopt new ways of living in a socially distanced world. It seems that this is the only topic on people's minds right now and rightly so too but it's about time that we hear some good news!

So here goes!.........

Here at Honto Shin, we have the pleasure of having a 7th Dan as the chief instructor and founder of the club. Sensei Fraser started the club up on her own and is still around today pushing the club forward. What an achievement in itself!

During this time, she inherited a young student who shone throughout his younger days and to put it bluntly, could not stay away from the dojo! Andy gave 110% without fail and went on to become multiple-time competition champion and regular medallist at both local and national champion on numerous occasions.

It quickly became apparent that Andy would push on and become Sensei Frasers ‘right-hand man’. Fast forward a good few year and Andy is awarded his 3rd dan and this is where the real transition starts! Sensei Fraser at this point began to take a step back allowing Sensei Nesbitt to take a more senior role and oversee the day to day running of the club.

Since then, Sensei Nesbitt went on to achieve his 4th dan and has pushed on and his depth of knowledge and passion for the club is staggering. We have since had students of his own competing at national level at a very high standard and we continue to grow.

Over recent years, Sensei Nesbitt has adapted to the current climate and ensured that the club has stayed up to date and relevant constantly bringing new methods of training into the dojo. The work he does both inside the dojo and outside is above and beyond and allows the club to be as successful as it is.

BASKA recognised this level of dedication and work ethic that has been put in from Sensei Nesbitt and decided that he was ready to receive his 5th dan award at the beginning of the year. The plan was that the certificate would be awarded at the clubs next grading day at the end of March 2020 with a celebratory event to follow but unfortunately, COVID-19 spoilt the party.

Sensei Nesbitt continued to work hard throughout lockdown to ensure that the students still managed to get some form of training by ways of video lessons and live classes over video conferencing, and regular conversations to check the health and wellbeing of all associated with the club. This shows true dedication to the cause and deserves an award in itself.

The work continued behind the scenes to allow the club to open back up so that we could get back in the dojo following strict COVID-19 measures and has been a huge success. It really is great to get back in that gi and work up a sweat again!

On the 10th August Sensei Nesbitt was awarded his 5th dan by Sensei Fraser along with a presentation plate from BASKA recognising his services and loyalty to the club. It is with great pleasure to say that I was able to be a part of the award ceremony and i have the ability to work alongside Sensei Nesbitt within the club. He really is a great ambassador for the art!

A huge congratulations to Sensei Nesbitt, 5th Dan from all involved with Pennywell Honto Shin Karate Club! Oss

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Due to national restrictions in place, the club is temporarily closed from 5th November until at least 2nd December 2020. In the meantime, we have moved classes online for existing members. For details of how to join in classes online, please contact us. New members are welcome once we re-open. Thank you and keep safe! 




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